VizSim. Industrial equipment management


Using industrial equipment in exhibition stands. We used industrial logical controllers PLC Siemens S7 and PLC Modicon M340 from Schneider Electric.

— Unity Pro
— PLC Siemens
— Schneider Electric
— Arduino Proteus

The task of the project:
-Manipulating mathematical/computer models according to the set logic.
-Providing the set type of network traffic.
-Creating a roll-up for the demonstration of the client’s solutions/decisions.

Specifics of the project:
We correlated the mathematical models of industrial processes with both real controllers and their emulations in the spheres, corresponding with the controllers. Data output from the controllers was conducted via virtual/real COM-ports.

We also came up with an idea of creating a mobile stand, by transferring a real model set (including Siemens S7 and Arduino Mega) into a digital sphere.

What we did and how we did it:
We adjusted and perfected the controllers’ firmware/software, established Master-Slave interconnection between the models and the controllers (pymodbus), and set up the networks.

Project team:
Katya Simonova, Sasha Yakimenko

Time-frame: 2-4 weeks

Year of the project implementation: 2020