Moscow Aviation Institute: master’s program

Together with Microsoft we launched a Master’s program in Moscow Aviation Institute

The field of study: Fundamental informatics and information technologies
Educational program: Virtual/augmented reality and artificial intelligence

What is the program aimed at?
The program is exclusive to Russia, its aim being the training of the future experts on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It is the first and the only educational program that is fully devoted to teaching the students to develop the solutions in the virtual and augmented reality spheres.

The program consists of two courses: fundamental and practical. The first course gives the introduction into the notions artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and cyber-physical systems. The second course is dedicated to studying the three fields together applied to the relative tasks arising in the science and IT spheres.

Contact information:
Phone number: +7 499 158-00-12

The instructors from PHYGITALISM:
Vadim Kondatartsev
Oleg Yusupov
Ekaterina Simonova
Pavel Postnikov
Alexey Lushnikov
Roman Chumak
Andrey Ivanov