Volkswagen Digital Experience VR 2019

An interactive exhibition stand
VR 360

Goals: creating VR-simulation of test-driving for three Volkswagen cars with immersion in the brand’s and each car’s atmosphere.

In a very tightened schedule, we managed to develop a virtual test-drive of a car with deep immersion on special VR chairs with electric motors and VR-headsets HTC Vive Pro. We provided guests with an opportunity to sit on the seats of Tiguan, Teramont and Touareg, and expressed the specific peculiarities of each car.
It made it possible for a huge number of popular festivals visitors to experience a drive through breathtaking locations and get to know the advantages of each car.

During the realization of the project, we optimized parallel work of art direction, production, scoring, programming, making chairs move like real ones, simultaneous work of 10 VR headsets, detailed drawing of the prospective city, its surroundings, the cars, and their USP – key advantages.

Project duration: 1 month

Client: Larnilane

Year of the project implementation: 2019