Volkswagen Digital Experience AR 2019

Development of AR mobile app

Goals: development of an AR application, capable to detect a real car, to demonstrate its advantages to clients and guests of the most popular festivals.

Deliverables: We managed to get a high-quality recognition of three Volkswagen cars with demonstrating animated objects in augmented reality. Our team developed an interaction scenario and highlighted key USP of each car, inspired by the concept of a digital twin. Taken the x-ray mechanics as a reference – we made it possible to see the interior of the car without opening the hood or taking a glance into a car salon.

Features: We implemented the best software solutions and it allowed to bind all content to the cars without using a target-image – the triggers for digital objects appearing were the cars itself. Despite the specific forms and painting of the cars, we had a perfect result with Object Recognition technology, which could be seen on the simple iPad.

Project duration: 1 month

Client: Larnilane

Year of the project implementation: 2019