VR visualization

Goals: VR-application that clearly demonstrates the work of the recommendation system for the space industry company of the Customer. Its purpose is to issue recommendations on the selection of the trajectory of evading artificial satellites from space debris.
There is a problem described by the “Kessler effect” – due to the increase in launches, the amount of space debris is growing rapidly. The new environment makes us look for ways to solve problems that did not exist before.
In these circumstances, organizations (such as the MCC) vitally need a system to simplify the work of employees. For visualization of the system, there are not enough graphs and models that have a high entry threshold. Therefore, virtual reality is ideal for this task.

Deliverables: Solution for marketing a complex software product, the purpose of which is to calculate the trajectory of the evasion of artificial satellites from each other and space debris, with the optimization of the trajectories of fuel consumption.
Special software has been developed to show evasion scenarios – through virtual reality, reflecting the vision of the Mission Control Center of the future.

Features: Virtual reality technologies have made it possible to visualize our view on the future of MCC and similar organizations in the future, for more than 10 years.
At the moment, these are extremely inertial systems with a long decision-making period. Technological progress will reduce the time it takes to make a decision, which is critical, given the growing amount of space debris.

Project duration: 2 months

Year of the project implementation: 2018