Development of a VR interactive stand

Creation of a VR-simulator that would allow the guests to experience the jeep’s fierce character/nature
What we did and how we did it:
Having little time at our hands, we managed to come up with a concept of the wild nature, where the four forces of nature exist in delicate balance. The guests had to wear VR goggles and to walk on a wooden board, which played the role of a bridge above an abyss in VR. The guests needed to find the symbols of the brand in extreme conditions of the wild nature.
Specifics of the project:
At the stage of concept approval we used a sketch of a 3D-scene, which was created in an editor with the help of a VR-headset and controllers. It made the process much faster, so the client was able to test out the future simulator the next day after the work on the project began.

Time-frame: 3 weeks

The client: Advanza / Toyota

Project team:
Dev: Alex Lushnikov, Apollinaria Orlova
CG: Vlad Krutenyuk, Katya Toxic
Project Manager: Lera Fimina
Creative Managers: Vanya Yunitsky, Yana Saykovskaya

Year of the project implementation: 2019

Publications of the project on ArtStation:
Concept Handpaint Sketch
Tilt Brush Sketch
Toyota VR Project