A bot for Slack corporate messenger

The task of the project:
Our task was to enable Slack workplace customization and to adapt the work of the service according to the company’s needs.
Our project/solution provides the client with:
-automation of routine tasks;
-a corporate access point for different services in one application (integration and adjustment);
-simplification of work processes;
-aggregation of event and process information.
Specifics of the project:
We use Standerella in our workspace, testing out its features. Everyone from our team can propose any ideas on improving the platform. Our version of Standerella takes into account not only traditional agile-rituales, but also the peculiarities of Phygitalism operation: research, educational meetings, writing popular-scientific, the office, etc.
What we did and how we did it:
We designed our own bot for Slack corporate messenger. The bot settings are integrated into Slack with the help of Slack App Home tabs. It can be used to create channels with roles, which are attached to a Slack-channel and other services, to add daily-polls that will synchronize the teammates, to redact reminders and notifications

Project team:
DEV: Alexandra Yakimenko, Ekaterina Simonova, Andrey Ivanov
PM: Valeria Fimina
And the whole team, because Standerella is used by us.

Year of the project implementation: 2019