Samsung TV AR

Mobile AR app

Бизнес-задача проекта:creation of a tool for online-to-offline sales of SAMSUNG widescreen TVs by implementing a portable “fitting room” using augmented reality technology. Using the Try Before You Buy approach, we solved a non-obvious problem for the company, that customers are afraid to buy large-format TVs at home because of its’ size. The client was given the opportunity to imagine how the TV would fit into the interior.

Deliverables: We have recreated a number of large-format TVs of brand in 3D, integrated it inside the application, with the help of which the buyer can view any of the presented TVs in real size in their apartment. This ability makes the selection process simple and encourages buyers to purchase more suitable screen models without the fear that the TV might be too large for the room. The application is connected with the website to give an ability to make a purchase for each TV model.

Features: we have implemented the ability to place TVs both on horizontal surfaces and walls, and on markers of partner stores, what made it possible to increase the coverage of supported smartphones and tablets.

Download app iOS and Android

Project duration: 2 months

Client: Samsung

Project manager: Lera Fimina
Creative manager: Vanya Yunitskiy

Year of the project implementation: 2019