Development of AR mobile app

Goals: creating an interactive part of album-book about the Romanovs within the project ‘Romanovs100’, the task of which was to capture the history of the last royal family in the multimedia format.
Deliverables: we developed a mobile app which gives an opportunity to explore pages of the real album in augmented reality. By pointing the device’s camera on the pages, a reader can experience different AR mechanics: ‘alive photos’, animated 3D models, 360 spheres, sliders, photos with a ‘depth effect’, etc. If a user doesn’t have a physical copy of the book, he can try ‘AR book mode’ and look through it as if it was a real one.
Features: The book with AR as a part of media-history project is nominated in the biggest art-awards and festivals around the globe and already got more than 20 awards.
Project duration: 1,5 month

Client: RT
Project’s website

Year of the project implementation: 2018