An AR application

Our team was to realize an AR application for providing school children with background knowledge and entertainment.
What we did and how we did it:
The application, consisting of six interactive modules, gives children an opportunity to explore the park of rare and extinct animals, go on an AR excursion in a school museum where they can witness the big artifacts come to life, make a selfie with scientists, cosmonauts, and writers, and take part in an informative quest The application uses several AR mechanics: portals, AR markers, and working with surfaces, which engage and entertain the children.
Specifics of the project:
At first the application was supposed to function on the basis of geolocation, which would allow us to customize the application according to this or that school, but we changed our mind and made it available to everyone due to pandemic.

Time frame: 3 months

The client: Playspace

Year of the project implementation: 2019