Phygital Platform 2.0

An interactive exhibition stand with use of real industrial-grade equipment

Goals: showing a company’s product with an example of automobile plant, within an exhibition stand, ready to be transported to international exhibitions and conferences

on 4 scenarios we demonstrated potential dangers of cyber-physical attacks on the conveyor line of an automobile plant, and what can happen if a facility doesn’t use a complete cybersecurity system. Notably, that it is the third iteration of presenting different content, based on one physical and software base.

⁃ the construction of the stand was changed to make it easier to transport – in a new version the size of the table is smaller and its installation was improved. Also, the montaging process got easier now the platform became a whole construction and can be transported in one container (?)
⁃ we developed our own algorithm for recognizing a physical marker with the infrared frame was developed
⁃ integration with a real industrial equipment PLC was realized
⁃ original concepts and style – in the new version were demonstrated possibilities of modern real-time CG software. We used new development pipelines which allowed achieving more realistic effects, shadows and textures

Project duration: 3 months

Client: Kaspersky Lab

Year of the project implementation:  2018

Project publications on Artstation:
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