Goals: presenting a complex company’s product in the format of an interactive stand, that could be easily transported to international exhibitions and conferences.

Deliverables: we developed a platform marketing solution of a complex cyber-physical product. Phygital Platform is an exhibition stand out of carbon with a set of specific cases for transportation.
In order to make sure that the stand functions properly, we developed a unique software that ables to demonstrate scenarios of cyberattacks on a powerplant by showing it on an interactive display and featuring it in the augmented reality content

Features: a great variety of technologies from TUI (tanglible user interface) to AR (augmented reality) was used in this solution, along with integrating the real industrial equipment

Project duration: 3 months

Client: Kaspersky Lab

Partners: KB Mashtab; KB Arkhipov

Project team:
Dev: Sergey Polischuk, Aleksandr Terekhov
CG: Anton Tereshkin
PM: Oleg Yusupov

Year of the project implementation: 2016