Machine Vision

A visual research, v.0.1.

The task of the project:
To classify the technologies and approaches that exist in the development area of CV, MV, and 3DML

What we did and how we did it:
-we devised a Machine Vision scheme, in which algorithms and technologies are divided into levels according to the complexity: from the least complex ones (SLAM algorithms) to the most complex ones (cyber-physical systems);
-we studied visual patterns of 14 technologies/algorithms.

Specific of the project:
There are several aims of the project:
-Revision of the existing algorithms and technologies in a form of a coherent scheme and attempt at predicting the future course of Machine Vision technologies development, taken in the context of the increasing amount of information used for the analysis.
-Representation of Machine Vision algorithmic aesthetics as a kind of phygital art, which is also known as PHYGITALISM (art viewed as a synthesis/fusion of physical and digital worlds). This concept gives rise to the projects, which investigate the influence of the digital sphere on the world, the communication between people and machines, and the questions of digital ethics. A lot of projects created in the spheres of scientific and technical art can be interpreted as the works of digital art.

Project team:
PM: Oleg Yusupov
RESEARCHERS: Kamila Yusupova, Vadim Kondaratsev, Oleg Yusupov
DESIGN: Kamila Yusupova

Time-frame: 3 months

Year of the project implementation: 2020