Inc. Russia AR

Development of 3D models for WebAR

Business task:
Our task was to realize the concept of Immersive Storytelling in internet-media/digital material in order to explore immersive formats of working on digital projects and to expand the audience of the publishing house.
What we did and how we did it:
At the preparation stage we discussed the theme of the article with the online publishing company Inc. Russia and proceeded to the search of the most illustrative examples of new means of communication changing the process of communication, and thus, the community. In order to make immersive reading of the article possible, we decided to make 3D models of the objects mentioned in the article. Every object was integrated in the web-version of the material as AR models, available for iOS users without downloading an application. As a result, the publishing company readers could switch from the narration to the AR-objects within the browser.
Time-frame: 2 weeks

The client Inc. Russiа

Project team:
CG: Vlad Krytenyuk, Katya Toxic, Pasha Postnikov
Creative Manager: Vanya Yunitsky

Year of the project implementation: 2019

Посмотреть 3D модели в формате дополненной реальности (c iOS устройства):