Phygital Platform 1.0 Electric station

Goals: presentation of an advanced technological project on a multiple international conventions by using a custom transportable booth.
Deliverables: we made a carbon booth, which could be easily disassembled and transported. For the demonstrational purposes, a special program was made to stream the presentation on the interactive display with the usage of augmented reality.
Features: Phygital Platform uses a whole variety of technologies: from TUI to AR, which is integrated into industrial-grade equipment.
Project duration: 3 months.

Client: Kaspersky Lab
Partners: KB Mashtab; KB Arhipov

phygital platform 0.1

Phygital Platform 1.0 Automotive

Case: explaining, why modern automobiles need protection from cyber attacks.
What was done: Пproject demonstrated potential threats using four different scenarios. We showcased to which kinds of attacks automobiles are suspected and what will happen to them in case of such attacks with or without SCU (Security Control Unit).
Features: integration with the SCU.
Timeframe: 2 months

Client: Kaspersky Lab
Partners: KB Mashtab; KB Arhipov