One of our missions is increasing the technical literacy of our partners, colleagues and friends.
We hold free lectoriums about phygital:
– How to use the tech
– How to sell it
– How to remain trendy

Sales managers, marketers, project-managers, chief managers and everyone interested in what world we are going to live soon.

– Which interactive techs are trendy right now
– Opinions of top analysts in the sphere
– What is already old and not interesting
– The latest market prices for the tech
– Real data about timeframes, possibilities and matters of meeting your customer’s demands.

Participation in the SVBD festival

Speech at the GAMMA festival

Zoom webinar “Review of VR platforms for events”

Centrifugal Force 2020 “Augmented Reality – DIY Magic”

Panel discussion at the international forum ART-WERK 2019 “Physics and Lyrics. How is an innovation born at the intersection of technology and creativity? “

Artlife fest 2019 “From Impressionism to Phygitalism: the Language of Technology in Contemporary Art”

ART-WERK 2019 “How our behaviour and communication will change in the future under the influence of AR technologies”

Lecture at RE: STORE ACADEMY – “Augmented Reality on iPhone”

SECON’2019 “XR tools: from preconditions to modern ways of working with 3D graphics”

We elements “Phygital technologies as the main trend of future events”

Speech at the IPQuorum Forum – “Immersive Visualization: An Experience of Creating Content for AR / VR”

Lecture in Tsentsiper “Phygital trend 2019”

Lecture for Yota ” Phygital in marketing”

Lecture for the conference CG event “XR tools for 3D”

Seminar “Small composite business Development”

Lecture for Atlife festival “Art in the new technologies era. Discussing actual cases”

Lecture in the G.E.Sukhareva center – “Future professions: who and how creates a new reality”

Lecture for DELL EMC “Modern technologies of modeling and production processes controlling in xR environment”

Public talk “New digital reality” at Vinzavod

Private lecture on Saint Petersburg International Boat Show, organized by Motor Boat &amp magazine; Yaсhting Russia – “Using phygital in yachting industry”

Lecture in the Solyanka Gallery – “The future of art. How lucky we are!”

Public talk Public talk “Future of communications” in Hyundai MotorStudio

Lecture for Strelka Institute students

Public talk “New digital reality” at Vinzavod

Lecture at the agency Red Mad Robot – “What is phygital”

Lecture at the agency Red Keds – “viral usage of AR”

Panel discussion at Strelka Institute – “AR in the city”


Ivan Yunitskiy
– Phygital – the basics
– Creative new ideas for event-agencies
– Art and science – what’s there
– 47 use cases of xR in your projects

Oleg Yusupov
– What’s phygital?
– What’s “Digital Activity” and how to apply it to your business
– What’s NUE
– xR Strategy