CS Face

An exhibition stand

Our task was to create an entertaining installation with personalization and the possibility of sharing it in social media.
What we did and how we did it:
In this project we used software with the help of which a guest’s face was integrated into the clip where he/she could become a game character. Then the guest could send the result to his/her mail. The majority of guests shared their clips on social media.
Specifics of the project:
We used Avatar SDK and realized the clips in CS style.
Time-frame: 3 weeks

The client: Avocado Toast

Project team:
Dev: Alexander Malyutin, Roma Oganesyan, Vova Makarevich
CG: Anton Tereshkin
Project Manager: Lera Fimina
Creativ Manager: Oleg Yusupov

Year of the project implementation: 2018