Artlife Fest 2019

An AR application

Our team was to realize an AR application with the function of viewing pictures come to life for a contemporary art festival Artlife Fest 2019.
What we did and how we did it:
We updated the application that we created for Artlife 2018. The updated version consists of three sections: “augmented reality”, “audio guide”, and “magazine”.
In the “augmented reality” section the users could point their smartphones at a picture from the exposition to see it come to life: the characters started moving, and the objects started moving beyond the picture. One of the pictures could be illuminated by the viewers. All of it shows that the exhibited pieces of art became more interactive and close to the users.
5 000 visitors out of 20 000 downloaded the application, which proves that the format of phygital art is truly unique.
Specifics of the project:
While working on the moving pictures, we experimented with machine learning (ML) a lot.

Time-frame: 2,5 months

The client: Artlife Academy

Project team:
Dev: Pavel Arapov, Andrey Ivanov
CG: Vlad Krutenyuk, Katya Toxic, Grisha Chizhevsky, Pasha Postnikov
Project Manager: Lera Fimina
Creative Managers: Vanya Yunitsky, Yana Saykovskaya

Year of the project implementation: 2019