Kaspersky 4IOT

IOT 3D security

The business task of the project:
– Realization of an easy and cheap way for room scanning
– Realization of a convenient way of displaying a scanned room
– Realization of manual
– Integration of this projects with other systems of our client
What we did and how we did it:
– The project is supposed to function in a browser, thus being available on any gadget in every part of the world
– Scanning is performed with the help of RGB-D sensors and RTAB-Map application
– Loading and optimization of scans are conducted on the server (converting mesh from obj to glb for the sake of reducing scene weight)
– Displaying the optimised 3D-scene in the browser through ThreeJS
– Displaying data coming from Kaspersky Lab products via Kafka data broker in real time
Timeframe: 12 months

The client:Kaspersky Lab

The project team
DEV: Vova Makarevich, Roma Oganesyan, Sasha Kruchkov, Andrey Ivanov, Alexandr Malyutin
3D: Vlad Krutenyuk
UI: Alina Halanskaya
PM: Oleg Yusupov, Lera Fimina

Year of the project implementation: 2020